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About us is a website that introducing similar sounds of basic Thai-language principals created by our team, for anyone who is interested in Thai language can study or learn and use in different situations by his/herself. Therefore, This website introduces Thai language in easy ways which are convenient for anyone who needs to communicate with Thai people in different conditions, such as in business or in traveling, etc.

Besides, we,, always add more details in articles about Thai's values in different essays for example; arts, cultures, customs and traditions including amazing visiting festivals for visitors to learn and to understand Thai ways.

These are contents and our needs that we try to serve you by inventing and searching to add and update information continuously. Thus, is communication means making understandings between foreigners and Thais. In term of present borderless globe, communication means also functions as a gate for the public to access information and stories of Thai's values.

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Tue, 5 July, 2011

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