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Thai's government
= Ministry =
Ministry of Agriculture Ministry of Industry
Department of Irrigation Department of Mineral Resources
Department of Fisheries Department of Industrial works
Department of Forestry Department of Industrial Promotion
  Office of Industrial Standard
Ministry of Commerce  
Department of Internal Trade Ministry of Interior
Department of Commercial Registration Department of local Administration
Department of Intellectual Property Office of Town and Country Planning
Department of Business Economics  
Department of Export Promotion Ministry of Justice
The Insurance Department  
  Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare
Ministry of Communications Department of Employment
Department of land Transport Department of Public Welfare
Department of Post and Telegraph Department of Skill Development
Department of Meteorology Department of Labour Protection and Welfare
Department of Highways  
  Ministry of Public Health
Ministry of Defense Department of Medical Services
Royal Thai Navy Department of Medical Science
Royal Thai Army Department of Health
Royal Air Force Office of Food and Drug Commission
Supreme Command Headquarters  
  Ministry of Science, Technology and Environment
Ministry of Education Pollution Control Department
Department of Non-Formal Education Department of Energy Development and Promotion
Department of Fine Arts Department of Environmental Quality Promotion
Department of Vocational Education Office of Atomic Energy for Peace
Office of the Private Education Commission National Electronics and Computer Technology Center
Ministry of Finance Office of The University Affairs
Department of Treasury  
Department of Customs Office of The Prime Minister
Department of Revenue Office of the Board of Investment
  Office of the Civil Service Commission
Ministry of Foreign Affairs Office of the Juridical Council
Department of European Affairs Office of the National Economic and Social Development Commission
  Office of the National Education Commission
  Office of the National Energy Policy
  Office of the National Statistics
  The Government Public Relations Department
Sat, 29 March, 2003

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