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About Thailand

There are many countries in the world that have their own beauty and value which different from the other in locations, cultures, customs and traditions. Thailand is also the one of those that locates in Southeast Asia near the equator.

Thailand has a lot of different beauties and colors of cultures, customs and traditions on each localities in old Thai-Style constructions, art objects and architectures which continues from the past to present more than thousand years.

However, foreigner, who is interested in Thailand, should has a basic information about Thailand first before coming to visit Thailand for any reasons as traveling, history studying, business or etc.:

1.Thailand has five different areas as Central, North, Northeast, South and East and having 76 provinces.
2. Metropolis is Bangkok or Krung-Thep Mahanakhon (grung-teab ma-har-na-korn) in Thai.
3. There are about sixty-two million citizens which are different in races and cultures but stay consistently in the society.
People have freedom for respecting in any religions but most of Thai people are Buddhists.
5. Thai language is nation language for writing and speaking more than thousand years since Sukhothai Kingdom.
6. Administration in democracy with Prime Minister that has king as the most respectful institute for the people.
7. Thai currency is made up of baht that changes by the stock market.
8. Thai agriculture products are rice, corn, sugarcane, cassava and etc. which Thailand is important base food producer of the world.

In addition to information upward, Thai people have characteristic of friendly, enjoyment and modesty which can notice from bringing the hands together to the face and smile that gives to each other every time. Thus, Thailand has another name as "The land of smile".

There are a lot of beautiful natures in different areas around Thailand; beaches, waterfalls, mountains and colorful hot forests; for tourists to join and relax in different activities. So, don't be surprise to hear that the most of tourists come back to Thailand more than once and also a lot of foreigners move to stay in Thailand.

Therefore, the beautiful natures and other things that we would like to present are :

Most of Thai beaches are favorite for tourists because of thousand-long shore on Thai's Gulf side and Andaman side which are beautiful and great for activities as swimming and diving.
There are different beautiful waterfalls in every areas of Thailand but the most favorite for everyone is Tee - Lor - Soo Waterfall, the top ten of biggest and greatest waterfall of the world.
Ancient Remains
Thailand is one of the world ancient civilization that can find ancient remains all around of the country event in Bangkok. These ones remain the value of culture which reflects the civilization of ancient Thai for a long time ago.
Native Souvenir
Gems, silks, pottery, and woodcarvings have differences in each area. Any of them is a good choice to be a souvenir that can buy at department stores and Native Souvenir Center but the best place to buy them is Bang Sai Royal Arts & Crafts Centre at Ayutthaya province.
Festivals and Joyful Traditions
Thailand has festivals every months in each year and each festival has taught local religion and believing such as Songkran (pronunciation as in song-grarn) Festival, Buddhist Lent Festival, Fast after the Chinese fashion Festival, Long Boat-Racing Festival, and Loi Krathong (pronunciation as in lory gra-tong) Festival, etc. For each festival of the month, please check more information in
Foods and Fruits
Thailand has very different kind of delicious foods for tasting. Normally, Thai food has spicy taste from spices such as chicken curry Indian style, green curry with chicken and spicy soup with prawns or Tom Yam Kung etc. Thailand also has delicious fruits such as orange, rambutan, durian, coconut, banana, longan and more that you can buy everywhere on its season.

Besides, Thailand still has a lot of activities and things that be very interesting for tourists to touch and see for learning and enjoyment. For more information, please contact The Tourism Authority of Thailand at or any tourist organization or you can search from menu:Thai Gates in tourist category of

Thu, 15 May, 2003

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