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Giving alms Tradition
(To put food in the bowls of Buddhist monks in the morning.)

Making merit is to do good things for our mind. As generally well known, there are many ways for us to make merit; however, one of the easiest ways for both the children and the adults to make merit is to put food in the bowls of Buddhist monks in the morning.

In the early morning, several Buddhist monks hold their bowls and walk slowly and controllably along the roads as well as the lane where the monks will pass. When they see the monks, they invite the monks to stop so as to offer things as earlier mentioned. After the covers of the bowls are opened, those who give alms have to put food such as rice, dish and other things necessary for monks' lives in the bowls. As for the flowers, the candles and the joss sticks, if they would like to put, the monks will turn over the covers of their bowl for receiving them.

As for giving alms the people can give alms to the monks without worrying about numbers - one, two, three or four, they can give. Also for the food the people can give without numbers, but the food must be completed cooked.

Vocabulary kum-sab

Making merit tum-bun
Buddhist monks pra-song
The bowls of Buddhist monks bard-pra or bard
(บาตรพระ or บาตร)
Controllably sum-ruam
Dish gab-kharw
Candle tian-khai or tian
(เทียนไข or เทียน)
Joss stick toob
Fri, 7 October, 2005

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