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Khao Yai National Park

Khao Yai (เขาใหญ่) National Park locates on 4 provinces are Nakhon Rachasima (na-korn rard-cha-see-mar), Nakhon Nayok (na-korn nar-yog), Saraburi (sa-ra-bu-ree), and Prachinburi (prar-jeen-bu-ree). This park was declared to be a first national park of Thailand on 18th September 1962 and presents, being a world heritage by United Nation.

Khao Yai National Park has 2,168 square kilometers full of mountain ranges, forests, grassland and brackens. Therefore, Khao Yai is source of Lumtakong River and Nakorn Nayok River and there are lots of kinds of animals living here such as elephants, monkeys, deers, porcupines, butterflies, bugs and birds. A biggest bird of this national park is hornbill that can find on August and September. Tourist can see a wild animals' exhibition at Tourist Information Center also for more details about animals that are living here.

This National Park has waterfalls more than 20 places around such as Heaw Suwat Waterfall, Heaw Sai Waterfall, Heaw Pratun Waterfall, Kongkaew Waterfall and Heaw Narok Waterfall. In addition, this National Park has camps and activities for tourist who loves adventures to choose, likes learning nature by walking in the forest. Tourist can ask for more information from local rangers or National Park Section, Royal Forest Department.

Khao Yai National Park is far about 200 kilometers from Bangkok or far about 115 kilometers from Nakorn Rachasima by turning to Thanaratch (ta-na-rad : ธนะรัชต์) Road from Mitraparb (mid-tra-parb : มิตรภาพ) Road and drive for 40 kilometers to National Park Center. Tourist who comes from Bangkok by bus can get off at Pak Chong (parg-chorng : ปากช่อง) District and hire a car to Khao Yai.

Vocabulary kum-sab

National Park ud-ta-yarn haeng chard
National chard
Park suan or ud-ta-yarn or tee-jord-rod
(สวน or อุทธยาน or ที่จอดรถ)
Declare pra-gard
Heritage mor-ra-dog
Mountain poo-khao
Forest par
Grassland tung-yar
Bracken par-la-mor
Kind cha-nid or pra-pead
(ชนิด or ประเภท)
Porcupine mean
Hornbill nog-ngoerg
Bug ma-laeng
Exhibition ni-tad-sa-garn
Waterfall num-tog
Activity gid-ja-grum
Camp kary or tee-pag-raem
(ค่าย or ที่พักแรม)
Love rag or chorb
(รัก or ชอบ)
Adventure pa-jon-pai
Choose loerg
Like chorb or mhoern
(ชอบ or เหมือน)
Learn rian-roo or seug-sar
(เรียนรู้ or ศึกษา)
Nature tum-ma-chard
About pra-marn or giaw-gab
(ประมาณ or เกี่ยวกับ)
District um-per
Hire chao or jarng
(เช่า or จ้าง)
Tourist nag-torng-tiaw
Detail rary-la-iad
Thu, 15 May, 2003

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