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Tradition in Thai's northern

Northern Provinces of Thailand are Chiang Mai (chiang-mai), Chiang Rai (chiang-rary), Mae Hong Son (mae-horng-sorn), Lamphun (lum-poon), Lampang (lum-parng) for example which have many interesting places with specific beautiful local arts and beautiful nature.
Especially, these provinces have their own local traditions in special moment of the year. The special local traditions that important to northern people as:

pory-luang (ปอยหลวง) Festival
This festival comes from two local words are "pory (ปอย)" means celebrate and "luang (หลวง)" means big or huge, therefore, "pory-luang" means a big or huge celebration. This festival has an objection for celebrating for temples with new constructions such as a new monks' house, a new pavilion for sermons in a monastery and a new or a renovated pagoda.
This festival is set on a period between February to June for 7 day. The temple will inform people in area and other temples for continuing inform people around to make offerings of their own. Then, on the date, they will set a procession with musical instruments such as a gong, a tomtom, cymbals, small cup-shaped cymbals and play along with dancers to the celebrated temple. Afterwards, there is a contest for offerings of each area too.

song-grarn (สงกรานต์) Festival
A Lanna's (Northern people) calendar sets a day that the sun moves from Pisces to Aries as Songkran Festival which do not match with Songkran Festival of normal Thai's calendar on 13th April. Normally, the festival will sets for 5 days for life and family of Lanna's favorable ceremony such as cleaning houses, merit - making by putting food into the bowls of Buddhist monks, making offerings, making sand pagoda and people will pay their respects to the elders by pouring scented water over the palms of their hands. Most of all, people joyfully splash water on each other and tourist.

yee-peang (ยี่เป็ง) Festival
The festival is present on night 15th month 2nd on the northern lunar calendar which on November or December of normal calendar. This is festival or lory gra-tong (ลอยกระทง) tradition is a tradition of Lanna people to make offerings to one's ancestors by making a vessel to put worshipful things, light the candles and joss-sticks, and launch their vessels flow with the water.
Besides, as doing the same thing as other Thai people in other area do, Northern people also have two kinds of floating lamp called koem-lory (โคมลอย) as a kind of launching into the day sky and a kind of launching into the night sky. The koem-lory is a vessel that can drift to the sky, especially ones that drift into the night sky is very beautiful with light.

Vocabulary kum-sab

Northern parg-nhoer
Beautiful suay-ngarm
Special pi-sead
Big yai
Huge yai-toe
Offerings khorng tha-whary (ของถวาย) or
kroerng-sean (เครื่องเส้น)
Inform borg (บอก)
pery-prae (เผยแพร่)
Continue tor-noerng
Pagoda jea-dee
Gong korng
Tomtom glorng-yarw
Cymbals ching (ฉิ่ง) or
charb (ฉาบ)
Contest pra-guad
Pisces rar-see meen
Aries rar-see mead
Joyfully sa-nug sa-narn
Vessel par-cha-na
Launch plory
Drift lory
Thu, 15 May, 2003

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