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Ordination Tradition

This tradition means that the man who is twenty years old has to become a Buddhist monk about seven days, fifteen-days or one to three months or one year to depend upon convenient.

Before the aforesaid ceremony starts, the parents of the man who will ordain have to go to meet with an abbot of the temple in advance about a few weeks and tell him about their sons' ordination. Then the abbot orders one monk to teach a man called a candidate for the Buddhist priesthood the way to pray for being a monk.

Later, the man who becomes the Buddhist priesthood will be brought back his spirits by his parents or relatives, friends and old people. Next day, the grand and beautiful procession of the ordination starts from the hosts' house to the temple. When arriving at the temple, the procession walks around the Buddhist monastery three rounds and then the Buddhist priesthood is taken to the Buddhist monastery.

A preceptor and other monks ordain the Buddhist priesthood to be a monk according to the rule of the ecclesiastic association.

Vocabulary kum-sab

Ordination or
Abbot jao-ar-ward
Temple wad
Pray suad-mon
Buddhist monastery boed
Preceptor pra-ub-pa-char

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