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Tradition in Thai's southern

There are many interesting ceremonies in the South of Thailand, especially in term of Buddhism. For example, the ceremonies "hae par kheun tard (แห่ผ้าขึ้นธาตุ) and sard doern sib (สารทเดือนสิบ)" are held in Nakhorn Sri Thamarat (na-korn sree-tum-ma-rard), that was the center for Buddhism and culture in the past.

In this region has ceremonies and festivals in each provinces such as :

Pattalung (pad-ta-lung) has the ceremony about "khaeng poen larg pra (แข่งโพนลากพระ)", "poen (โพน)" is a southern musical instrument shaped like a drum. During the ceremony, temples would decorate pedestals and beat drums to let villagers know that the temple will be taking a Buddha image on a procession. As temples are located close to one another, there is a competition to find who can beat the loudest drum.
Now, this festival was organized officially for the first time in 1988.

"Vegetarian Food Festival" in Phuket (poo-gead) and Trang (trang). Thais of Chinese ancestry in these provinces have engaged in the Vegetarian Food Festival since ancient times. Participants would abstain from sins, meditate and forgo the consumption of all meats and only take vegetables and fruits. Prohibited vegetables also include onions, garlic and some types of pungent vegetables. The key elements of the festival consist of merit-making rituals performed at local Chinese temples and processions of ascetics undertaking extraordinary feats.
The festival has evolved to become a major event of these provinces.

In addition to, the south region of Thailand has many interesting ceremonies, such as "jao-mae lim-gor-niaw (เจ้าแม่ลิ้มกอเหนี่ยว)" parade in Pattani (pad-tar-nee), "lory roer (ลอยเรือ)" in Satun (sa-toon) is believed of lhee-pea (หลีเป๊ะ) islanders, and Pang-nga (pang-ngar), Krabi (gra-bee) respectively are held.

Vocabulary kum-sab

Southern parg-tai
Province jang-whad
Drum glorng
Decorate tog-taeng
Villager charw-barn
Procession kha-buan
Vegetarian Food ar-harn jea
Abstain la-wean
Sin barb
Meditate theu-seen
Pungent rod-jad
Islanders charw-gor
Fri, 16 May, 2003

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