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October 2000

Chon Buri Buffalo Races
October 7 - 8, 2000
City Hall, Chon

The water buffalo has always played a significant role in agriculture in Thailand, but in this yearly event, they can be seen in more unusual and entertaining ways than ploughing fields; namely, buffalo races and contests pitting buffalo a against man. Elegant beauty pageants and various other fun activities are included, which attract visitors from all over.

Wax Castle & Boat Racing Festival
October 12 - 15, 2000
Tapi River Bank, Surat Thani

Chak Phra and Thot Phapa are two religious meritmaking ceremonies that occur on the same day at the end of Buddhist Lent. Occurring at sunrise, Thot Phapa is where Buddha images on elaborately decorated carriages are pulled by the locals in land and water-borne processions. Chak Phra takes place after this whereby saffron robes are offered to monks and money is donated to temples. These events are further highlighted with cultural performances and music.

Phon Drum-Beating Contest & Buddha Image Procession
October 22 - 24, 2000
Ban Chiang World Heritage Site, Udon Thani

Considered as one of the oldest archaeological sites in Thailand and also a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Ban Chiang is the location of a major celebration that includes exotic art and cultural processions and performances, local handicraft demonstrations and displays, international and local sports events, and dazzling light and sound presentations.

Lanna Boat Races
October 28 - 29, 2000
Northern Development Bridge area (Saphan Phattana Phak Nuea), Nan

These impressive long-boat races held on the Nan river are distinctively enhanced by the brightly fancy coloured Nan boats. This event also accompanies the annual Kathin season, when devotees wishing to gain merit present new robes to monks of local temples.

Thai Beer Festival
October - December, 2000
Citywide, Bangkok

Every year, the various Thai breweries get together to conduct a Thai Beer Festival, which highlights sales of barbecued food, exotic Thai cuisine and of coursebeer. To add to this atmosphere of merriment, there are music and cultural performances for everyone to enjoy. Tourists can see this event, especially at the World Trade Centre and other locations around the city.

Source : The Tourism Authority of Thailand
Sat, 29 March, 2003


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