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"Ban Nong Khao" Mini Light and Sound Show

Schedule :
- Confirmed dates for 2002 shows are

Saturday, 26
Saturday, 23
Saturday, 30
Saturday, 27
(Tickets are 200 baht/person)

- The show can be organized for special occasions of tour operators or groups (please book shows at least 7 days in advance). The minimum package fee is 40,000 baht per show. The show can be shown to not over 200 people at one time.

Venue : Ban Nong Khao, Tambon Nong Khao, Amphoe Tha Muang, Kanchanaburi.

Origin :
Ban Nong Khao is a village that is over 100 years old. In the Ayutthaya period when Burmese forces attacked Ayutthaya and Kanchanaburi was the frontline city, the villagers of Ban Nong Khao rallied to repel the attackers.
The residents here have retained the village's culture and traditions, and have a strong artistic trait. Every year, the villagers join in celebrating the Songkran Festival. The festival is so well known that it is the place of choice for revelers. The way of life and traditions of Ban Nong Khao have been compiled into a cultural show that is widely accepted.

Activities :
- Be warmly greeted by a long drum procession of villagers.
- See the way of life of villagers such as palm tree climbing, making toddy palm juice, rice farming, weaving, and traditional massage.
- Enjoy the "Ban Nong Khao" Mini Light and Sound Show.

Nearby Tourist Spots :
- Vajiralongkorn Dam (Tha Muang)
  is a dam that serves 4,800,000,000 square meters in 6 provinces. There is beautiful scenery just above the dam.
- Wat Tham Sua and Wat Tham Khao Noi (Tha Muang)
  are where several lovely Buddha images in the Prathan Phon posture are located. Moreover, there is the Atthamuk hall in the Thai style that has intricate patterns. Near Wat Tham Sua is Wat Tham Khao Noi that has Chinese-style art, highlighted by a Chinese pavilion on the mountaintop.
- River Kwai Bridge (Muang)
  is an important site from World War II.

For more information, contact :
- TAT Central Region Office: Area 1 (Kanchanaburi).
  Tel. (034) 512500, fax (034) 511200
  Tel. (02) 6941222 ext. 1962, fax (02) 6941384

Note : Tourists in groups can select the narration language (about 40 minutes/show) in either Thai or English. Pamphlets are produced in Thai and English.

Source : The Tourism Authority of Thailand
Wed, 6 March, 2002

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