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Muang Nakhon Maha Songkran Festival

Schedule : 13-15 April 2002

Venue : Amphoe Muang, Nakhon Si Thammarat

Origin :
Nakhon Si Thammarat Province has been a center of history, archaeology, religion, art and culture, and traditions of the South since ancient times. Many archaeological traces abound, the major ones being Phra Borom That Chedi that has been with the province for centuries and Phra Phutthasihing Buddha image. In each Songkran Festival is a bathing ceremony of this revered image.

Activities :
- Merit making at Sanam Na Muang.
- Bathing Phra Phutthasihing.
- Processions of Miss Songkran and Nang Kradan, and activities at Thung Tha Lat.
- Local cultural performances and entertainment.
- Old Thai markets and local food and sweets festival.
- Songkran water throwing.

Nearby Tourist Spots :
- Wat Phra Maha That Woramaha Wihan (Muang)
  is one of the main historical sites of southern Thailand and is sacred to the province.
- Ho Phra Phutthasihing (Muang)
  houses Phra Phutthasihing and Phra Ngoen, as well as the ashes of ancestors of the Na Nakhon family in the back.
- Ho Phra Isuan and Ho Phra Narai (Muang)
  are important historical sites of the province.
- Ancient temples in the city (Muang)
  can be seen via the "Tour the City and Know Liko Tales" tour at Songkran time. The historical route goes along the National Museum, at Suan Luang, Wat Thao Khot, Wat Phra Maha That Woramaha Wihan, Ho Phra Phutthasihing, Ho Phra Isuan, at Sema Muang, and ends at Pradu Hok Pavilion.
- Hat Khanom-Mu Ko Thale Tai National Park (Khanom)
  comprises beautiful archipelagos and bays.
- Khao Luang National Park (Lan Saka)
  is a park that received the tourism award as the Best Natural Tourist Destination. The park has Khiri Wong Village that has the main occupation of tending mixed fruits orchards called "Suan Somrom." The village was awarded a prize for being an exemplary community in organizing eco-tourism activities.

For more information, contact :
- Tourism for the Conservation of Ban Khiri Wong Club.
  Tel. (075) 309210
- TAT Southern Region Office: Area 2 (Nakhon Si Thammarat).
  Tel. (075) 346515-6, fax (075) 346517

Source : The Tourism Authority of Thailand
Wed, 6 March, 2002

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