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Nong Khai Maha Songkran Festival

Schedule : 13-15 April 2002

Venue : Amphoe Muang, Nong Khai

Origin :
Nong Khai is a northeastern province with a high tourism potential. It has a wealth of cultural heritage that is unique and that can impress tourists. It can also receive a large number of tourists.
The Songkran Festival is attended by throngs of visitors and is an opportunity for Buddhists to bathe Luang Pho Phra Sai, a sacred Buddha image for Thais and Laotians.

Activities :
- Procession bearing and bathing Luang Pho Phra Sai of Wat Pho Chai.
- Mekong Miss Songkran pageant and Miss Maha Songkran procession.
- Luang Pho Phra Sai celebrations and paying respect to elders.
- Local sports, beach sports, and swimming competition in the Mekong River.
- Contests of fish dishes of the Mekong and Nong Khai souvenirs.
- Local cultural performances.
- Songkran water throwing.

Nearby Tourist Spots :
- Thai - Lao Friendship Bridge (Muang)
  is the first bridge built through the cooperation of 3 countries; Australia, Lao PDR and Thailand. The bridge is 1.20 kilometers long and offers a great view of the Mekong.
- Phra That Bang Phuan (Muang)
  is an ancient pagoda that has long been sacred to the people of Nong Khai.
- Prap Ho Monument (Muang)
  is the only monument in the province. It was erected to house the ashes of those who died fighting the Ho insurrection.
- Wat Si Chomphu (Tha Bo)
  houses Luang Pho Phra Chao Ong Tu, a large Buddha image made of gold molded by northern and Lan Chang artisans. It has truly beautiful features.

For more information, contact :
- Nong Khai Province.
  Tel. (042) 412678
- TAT Northeastern Region Office: Area 5 (Udon Thani).
  Tel. (042) 325406-7, fax (042) 325408

Source : The Tourism Authority of Thailand
Wed, 6 March, 2002

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